Ekow Essuman, Personal Trainer Program Class

Color Scheme / Layout Sketching / UX Ideation / Landing Page Design

CATEGORY: Personal fitness trainer.

OBJECTIVE: The client was about to launch his new online classes, and gave me a go to create his promotional landing page. 

SOLUTION:  The client did not have any idea about the brand presentation, so I came up with the modern simple vision based on the dynamics of monochrome injected with active green color, fitting the icons to the style. The page illustrates Client's approach to the training featuring Mind, Body & Soul being the base for the offered training classes. The photos were given by the Client.

TECH: Adobe Photoshop.

Ekow Essuman
The main slogan of the Reformer Studio
To be placed on the back of the business card
Ekow Essuman
The welcoming wall in the lobby
to be used for the video classes and offline sessions
Ekow Essuman
The landing page for the Reformer Studio
Is intended to be optimized for fast loading aiming the mobile users
Ekow Esuman
The mobile preview of the Reformer's Studio
Based on the iPhone model

I love the challenge of getting the project done from zero to hero, brainstorming and executing while working on revamping brand assets.

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