ERP Control Panel, Extreme Cold Conditions

UX Brainstorming / App UI Design

CATEGORY: Extreme cold working condition operator interface.

OBJECTIVE: The main focus of the studies has been the Operator of the product line working in stressful environment doing multiple operations on a frequent basis. The required time efficiency for the Operator is set to one minute, that is how precise we would need to see the work flow to be executed at. Though, the time line is meant to be resizible to see the local production events and others distant in time.

SOLUTION:  I prepared a production line UI based on the persona that I created off the given data. The UI is designed for a low educated worker who'd be doing the job outside in the extreme cold. The UX is based reasoning the dark outside, hence a colorful palette. The objects are fairly big for a worker to easily navigate even while wearing gloves. This is a control panel UI for a production line, workers are placed either indoors at the low temperature warehouse or outdoors. 

TECH: Adobe Photoshop.

The products quantity on the production line
On the left side there is a slider showing quantity of different products that are currently on the production line
Incoming alerts at the upper side of the screen
The incoming alerts are being placed a top of the screen informing the operator in a simple manner what is required to be done
The archived alerts on the far right column
The incoming alerts are being archived, and Operator can access the history at any time. If the action was complete the alert are toned down.
The calendar is accessible at any time
To quickly check the upcoming tasks Operator would take a look at the calendar widget
The overall view of the control panel
Showing a multiple choice of the products on a tap at the given period of time
The ERP control panel preview on a tablet
A tablet preview of the UI

I love the challenge of getting the project done from zero to hero, brainstorming and executing while working on revamping brand assets.

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