Winagain, Free Lottery App

Ideas / Layout Sketching / UX Brainstorming / App UI, Landing Page, Banners Design 

CATEGORY: Entertainment application

OBJECTIVE: To come up with the idea of laying out the UX for the lottery app, design the game screens, promotion material and the landing page

SOLUTION: I based the color scheme on the UX research about the most commonly used and recognizable US based lotteries. We decided to use simple and flat concept to minimize the internet data usage. I designed the logo, the whole set of the in-game app screens collaborating with the project owner and the dev team. Presented two concepts of the landing page, and numerous banners, static and animated to promote the app based on selected characters that I had also chosen myself.

TECH: Adobe Photoshop, Figma.

Winagain logo
The fonts used were all bold and easy to read
Winagain logo on a dark background
The final version uses Explora, easy to read yet sophisticated enough
The icon set to represent the principles of the app
And a chosen variety of characters that are used in a promo
The set of social media and promo banners
Selected banners for social media and other promotional platforms
Three main app screens and the final landing page 
Desktop and mobile design for the landing page
The initial Figma based landing page design
Desktop, tablet and smartphone versions

I love the challenge of getting the project done from zero to hero, brainstorming and executing while working on revamping brand assets.

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